What’s New

February 1, 2021

GO Friends Streaming Network is new! We are not Netflix or Disney. We are about the talent that has not been discovered yet.  The individual, or group, that wants an opportunity to showcase their abilities.  That is why there are no monthly or yearly fees for anyone in the world to come visit the GO Friends Streaming Network.

Robert Goins knows how to produce entertaining shows that will feature those individuals who send us their videos.  Whether they be music videos (from rap, R&B, pop, country, gospel, or other), to comedy routines, and other talents you might want to showcase (from wanna-be models to painters and more).

Those shows are being designed and produced as we speak.  In the meantime, we will upload interesting productions from Black Heritage Films, and other productions to movies and TV shows that we are currently working on. 

Visit our What’s New Page – to find out What’s New at GO Friends Streaming Network!

If you want to send us your video – or find out other benefits of becoming a member and friend – go to www.gorecordsinc.com

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